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Autocar Repairs, since 1974

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We will arrange your vehicle's Statutory MOT Test

The standard fee for the test, currently £54.85 for class IV vehicles (cars, small LCVs), is charged. We do not charge any other fee except for retest fees as defined below. There may be additional charges in addition to the test fee for class V and VII vehicles


Free retest: No fee will be charged for a retest if your vehicle is left with us for repair or if it fails on any of the items below and returned before the end of the next working day:

Bonnet, Boot lid, Brake pedal anti-slip device, Direction indicators, Doors, Fuel filler cap Hazard warning lights, Horn, Lamps, Loading door, Mirrors, Rear reflectors, Registration plates, Seat belts (but not anchorages) Seats, Sharp edges or projections, Steering wheel, Tailgate, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Windscreen and glass, Windscreen washer and wipers, Wheels & Tyres

Chargeable retest

If your car has failed on more major items and you either fix it yourself or get another garage to fix it you will need to bring it back for a partial re-test within 10 working days.
Cost £28.00

The main items checked when conducting an MOT Test

BRAKES: Operation and performance (efficiency test). Suitable vehicles will be tested
on a roller brake tester. Condition of brake components is not checked.

DOORS: Open and close, latch securely in closed position. Front doors should open from
inside and outside the vehicle. Rear doors may need to be opened to gain access to testable items

EHXAUST EMISSIONS: Vehicle meets the requirement for exhaust emissions. These vary
according to the age and fuel type of the vehicle

EXHAUST SYSTEM: Complete, secure, without serious leaks and silences effectively

FUEL SYSTEM: No leaks; fuel cap fastens securely and seals correctly

HORN: Correct operation and type (e.g., not multi-tone)

LAMPS: Condition, operation, security and correct colour. The headlamps will also be checked to see if the aim is correct

MIRRORS: Presence, condition and security

REGISTRATION PLATES: Condition, security, legibility, format of letters and numbers

SEATS: Front seats secure. Front and rear seatbacks can be secured in the upright position

SEATBELTS: All compulsory seatbelts must be in place. Seatbelts installed are checked for
type, condition, operation and security.

STEERING AND SUSPENSIN: Condition and operation

WHEELS & TYRES: Condition, security, size and type. Tread depth (must have a minimum
1.6mm of tread depth across middle 3/4 of the tyre tread). Spare tyres are not tested

WINDSCREEN: Check for chips and cracks in the windscreen. In an area in front of the driver
a chip cannot be bigger than 10mm, in other areas swept by the wipers that damage cannot be more than 40mm

WIPERS/WASHERS: Operate to give the driver a clear view of the road

VEHICLE STRUCTURE: Free from excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas. No sharp edges

VIN (Chassis Number): A vehicle identification number must be permanently displayed and legible